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Solid extinguisher systems

Solid extinguisher system is permanently connected to the building in which it is installed and has own supply of extinguishing agent - usually FM-200, NOVEC 1230 or CO2. Solid extinguishing system prevent, detect and fight fire in area where other extinguishing agents except inert gases, can cause damage to value devices. Extinguisher system with inert gas is safe for people in extinguish area and for natural environment. The system starts automatically in early stage of development the fire.


HFC 227ea gas is an inert extinguishing formula, with an effect that consists of removing energy from the combustion process. It is safe for humans (which has been confirmed by tests conducted in Poland by CNBOP and the State Hygiene Office (PZH) and safe for the environment: its potential for destroying ozone is: zero. As opposed to other extinguishing formulas, is easily condensed (liquefied) even at small pressures, which means that it only a small storage area (even 10-times smaller) is required, without the necessity of creating a separate room to store bottles.

FM200 is a clean extinguishing formula, i.e. it does not contain substances that damage protected equipment and rooms, preventing fire losses due to extinguishing - which occur in connection with water, foam or powder. At the same time, the high vaporization threshold of the formula prevents so-called thermal shock damage to electronics, which may occur in connection with utilizing other extinguishing formulas (e.g. carbon dioxide).

FM200 does not conduct electricity and does not promote corrosion; accordingly, it can be used to extinguish electrical equipment that is still powered up. The tanks for HFC 227ea gas are produced in various capacities (from 40 to 140 liters).

This broad range of tank sizes allows us to offer a set of tank(s) that is optimally matched to the precisely calculated quantity of extinguishing formula required. The operating gas used to expel the extinguishing formula from the tanks is nitrogen at a pressure of 42 bar, proven to be harmless to people and the environment. Special valves and nozzles have been designed for the system, individually selected utilizing special software, for each protected area and room, especially considering the requirements of the extinguishing formula, including: the specified outflow time ≤ 10 seconds.

The system may be used to extinguish fires for the following facilities, rooms and items: computer rooms, archives, historical monuments, valuable artwork, control facilities of technical processes, unique medical apparatus, telecommunications equipment, gas turbines, engine braking, as well as storage of flammable materials (gasoline, oil, and paints).


Inergen is one of the most modern agents to extinguish fire. It works by reducing oxygen in a room from volume 21% to 14% and below. Inergen generate oxygen-poor atmosphere, in which fire is extinguished and people can still breathe. Agent contains: nitrogen (52%), argon (40%) and carbon dioxide (8%). Inergen is safe for devices, environment and human, that's why it is one of the most popular agents. Principal places of installation: rooms with electrical devices, archives and museums, galleries, libraries, paint and varnish stores, electrical control unit, laboratories.

Advantages the Inergen:

  • harmless to people
  • friendly to environment
  • doesn't cause fog in room during release the agent
  • doesn't cause corrosion
  • doesn't leave polluting waste after extinguishing process
  • electrical conductivity is reduced to a lower value than atmosphere room.

Novec 1230

Novec 1230 is colourless and odourless extinguishing agent, has density eleven times greater than air. Novec 1230 absorb thermal energy and induce cooling effect. At room temperature Novec is a liquid, whereas in the operating becomes a gas. Contrary to CO2 it is safer for people and doesn't cause thermal shock in protected areas, because it is designed to extinguish electrical and flammable liquid fires, gases. Novec 1230 extinguish fire before any serious damage happens. Now Novec 1230 is used as replacement halons, it is less toxic and doesn't reduce volume the oxygen in room. Gas gives the effect of mist which spread fast and doesn't disturb people leaving the protected area. Novec 1230 is ecological agent- doesn't leave residue after extinguishing process.


DCarbon dioxide (CO2) is the oldest extinguishing formula, utilized in Solid Extinguishing Equipment. Carbon dioxide is a colorless, odorless and inert gas that does not conduct electricity. Due to its suffocating properties, it has been gradually displaced by other extinguishing formulas for areas where humans are present. Nonetheless, it remains an ideal solution for protecting technology installations in industry. CO2 is characterized as a highly effective as an extinguisher, available at an inexpensive price. In industry, it is used in extinguishing systems, neutralization systems and systems for rendering substances inert. Properly designed CO2 systems, reflecting due consideration for the staff safety, with appropriate safety measures, including: gas detectors, electrical and pneumatic warning signalization, delay mechanisms, etc., do not necessarily constitute a hazard, provided that they are properly operated and maintained by companies that specialize in this area. Carbon dioxide allows 'spill' type fires to be effectively extinguished, even under circumstances when there are no separating walls. Carbon dioxide is approximately 1.5 times heavier than air. Contrary to initial impressions, this substance is deemed environmentally friendly, because it is recovered from the atmosphere.

The KD-CO2-HD is a high pressure system, offered in two versions: either as a single zone or a multi-zone system. High pressure systems are utilized in extinguishing systems, but also in neutralization systems. These systems operate on the basis of 67 liter (or smaller) tanks and a CO2 storage pressure of 50 bar.


Water mist solid extinguisher system

Necessary factors to outbreak fire are: oxygen, heat and combustible material. Water mist system eliminates two of them: oxygen and heat. Water mist system spray water into small drops which results increase the surface and rate of heat removal from fire environment. Fragmentation water to drops with diameter of about 150 micrometers is obtained by specially designed nozzles. Droplets are formed in the nozzles under pressure about 100 bar. Additional, system cools fire gases, reduces the concentration of oxygen in fire environment and smoke. Water mist system benefits includes low water and low energy consumption and the highest level of security. The most important advantages of this system are: no negative effect on environment and human, limited loss due to extinguishing, not required Room Integrity Test, low cost extinguishing agent and lightweight installation. Fire is extinguished by minimum amount of water and minimal property damage. Water mist system are used to fire protection technological equipment and press used in industry, cables and transformers. Installation consists source of water supply with pump, nozzles, pipe system, filter, detection and control system.